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In 1993, the Center initiated the Community And Urban Science Enrichment Program (CAUSE) through initial funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The program is designed to address the needs to achieve greater participation of under represented minorities in the science and education workforce and to provide quality science education through early intervention to underserved youth K-12. (Read More)


The National Science Foundation has provided significant funding for initiatives in informal science education to the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium in collaboration with the three other major science museums in the Greater Philadelphia region - the Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and the Philadelphia Zoo. (Read More)


The Center for Aquatic Sciences - together with the Philadelphia Zoo, The Franklin Institute, and the Academy of Natural Sciences - has launched Families Exploring Science Together (FEST), a family-based science education program targeted to underserved children and their parents. (Read More)


Community Ambassadors in Science Exploration (CASE) is the newest program of PISEC (Philadelphia/Camden Informal Science Education Collaborative), which has a ten-year history of museum-community collaboration. (Read More)


Communities of Learning for Urban Environments and Science (CLUES) is a 5-year program that focuses on teaching science to families in communities of the Philadelphia-Camden region. It is a collaboration between the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, the Philadelphia Zoo, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and ten Community Based Organizations (CBOs). (Read More)


The Urban Water Partnership is a collaborative of several local organizations working together to address water quality issues in the Camden City area. Led by the Center for Aquatic Sciences, the group includes Urban Promise Academy, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority. (Read More)


The Center for Aquatic Sciences is excited to announce that we have joined the Alliance for Watershed Education! The Alliance for Watershed Education is a network of 23 environmental centers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. (Read More)