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Camden's Charter Network Partnership

The Center for Aquatic Sciences has a special and long-standing relationship with Camden's Charter Network (CCN).  With several schools within the network in Camden, the Center provides afterschool services, leads field trips, provides internships and teaches multiple custom programs for every science class of every grade k-11.  In addition, the Center team teaches weekly in AP Environmental Science and Engineering classes at Camden Academy's Charter High School.  In all, the Center provides well over 500 individual programs for Camden's Charter Network and it’s a relationship for which the Center is very proud.

Afterschool Programs
Since 2015, the Center has lead CCN's afterschool engineering students in the design and creation of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for entry in the MATE robotic competition held at Villanova university.  The program promotes teamwork, engineering principles, design and construction, and the entrepreneurial spirit.   Our successful teams have consistently competed well and have brought back several trophies.

Additionally, the Center leads elementary and middle school afterschool programs with an environmental "maker" feel.  Students participate in activities that promote green living and respect for natural spaces by creating "maker" projects from scratch.  Some of the activities created are fun, carnival style games with an environmental focus displayed at CCN's Green Maker Fair.  Other bigger projects created by the afterschool students include the creation of floating wetlands, currently located in the Wiggins Park Marina on the Camden Waterfront, and a functioning aquaponics system which grows fresh fruits and vegetables inside their school.

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