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Camden Waterfront Trail Engagement

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium is located adjacent to the Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Promenade along the Delaware River. The Promenade extends from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge south to the Battleship New Jersey at Wiggins Waterfront Park and is a destination for students, residents, local business employees, concert goers and Adventure Aquarium visitors.

The Center for Aquatic Sciences provides opportunities for education and enrichment that will assist in the economic and social development within the Camden community. The Center is also a member of the Alliance for Watershed Education, a coalition of 23 environmental education centers focused on fostering stewardship throughout the Delaware River watershed. The Center is providing opportunities for engagement along the waterways and walking trails in Camden.

Roving Naturalist

As a member of the Alliance for Watershed Education, the Center for Aquatic Sciences is participating in a Watershed Fellows program designed to foster watershed stewardship by establishing a team of ambassadors who will engage visitors in activities that explore the Delaware River watershed and encourage stewardship, on a personal and community level. The Center’s Watershed Fellows travel the Wiggins Waterfront Promenade on a specially designed tricycle called the Nature Mobile with live animals, games and other activities for children and adults.


Our Watershed Fellows engage aquarium visitors and members of our local watershed community with activities that emphasize the importance of watershed stewardship. They also help the Center to connect with new and underserved audiences. By the end of their 12 weeks of service, our Fellows become local watershed experts and ambassadors to their community, and will have introduced many new people to local trails and waterways, as well as the steps they can take to help restore and protect the Delaware River watershed.

Camden Trail Interpretation and Enhancement Project

The Center is partnering with Cooper Ferry Partnership to develop and implement trail enhancements along the Camden waterfront in the form of interpretive trail signage with conservation messaging, along with educational activities, as a value-added amenity to the waterfront from the Ulysses Wiggins Promenade into the North Camden and Cramer Hill sections of the city. 

With grant support from William Penn Foundation, Phase 1 of the project will provide activities and signage in four key areas along the Camden waterfront: Wiggins Park, Adventure Aquarium entrance, Cooper’s Poynt Park and Pyne Poynt Park. Activities and signage will focus on why the Delaware River is important to all of us, ways to enjoy our local watershed, waterfront history and actions everyone can take ensure a clean and healthy watershed.

Ulysses Wiggins Waterfront Promenade               Cooper’s Poynt Park