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Teen Marine Science Institute

Are you looking for a way for your high school student to gain practical experience in Marine Science? The Teen Marine Science Institute not only gives students hands-on experiences, advanced marine science content and opportunities to discover biology related careers, but will set them apart from their peers when applying for college.     
Teens will have opportunities to:

  • Work with Dr. Alejandro Vagelli, the Center’s research scientist and Rutgers biology professor. 
    • Learn about field research in Indonesia.  
    • Examine specimens using light microscopy.   
  • Gain animal handling experience:
    • Work with our education animal collection.  Take measurements, weights, and learn exhibit maintenance and recordkeeping.  
  • Explore behind-the-scenes areas
    • Participate in animal feedings.
    • Use technology and professional lab instruments.
  • Conduct research experiments
    • How does artemia react to light?  Does dissolved oxygen affect underwater animals?  Build a better fish by experimenting with tail shapes. 
  • Build professional relationships
    • Visit and network with marine biologists and other scientists at the aquarium. 
    • Explore marine science careers.  
  • Develop public speaking skills
    • Review and discuss current events
  • Develop field work and laboratory practices
    • Keep lab notebooks and participate in dissections
    • Use quadrats, refractometers, seines, and other professional scientific equipment.

The Teen Marine Science Institute meets one Saturday of each month from September to June.

Current Teen Institute Sessions and Availability

To register,click the "Register Now" button below. For questions, please email teeninstitute@aquaticsciences.org.

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