Welcome to the PAGE FLIPPERS BOOK CLUB! In this group you will join other curious readers on literary adventures in the virtual world. Together we will read a wide variety of books that may focus on environmental themes, conservation issues, or animal antics.

Unlike the typical monthly book club, in this group we will suggest a reading schedule for folks to read-a-long. We will then host an ongoing group chat during the entire time that we are reading and we will finish each book with a live happy hour virtual chat. Facebook will be the primary platform for our group discussion and virtual chat. If this book club is exactly what you’ve been looking for then we ask you to please take the following steps to secure your free membership to the PAGE FLIPPERS BOOK CLUB and receive more information related to the latest book.

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Current Book Start Dates Don't worry if you didn't start a book by the start date as you can catch up by reading a little extra each day


Step 1: Register for book club.
Step 2: We will send you an email with the reading schedule, leading discussion questions, and keyword to sign into the Center for Aquatic Science’s the PAGE FLIPPERS BOOK CLUB’s Facebook group.
Step 3: Sign into the Facebook group with the keyword.
Step 4: Begin reading the book at your leisure and stay connected with fellow readers in the Facebook group. If you would like, share thoughts, photos, and anything else related to the book of choice.  
Step 5: At the end of the book, join us for the PAGE FLIPPERS BOOK CLUB’s happy hour on Facebook Live, to discuss the book and maybe even, enjoy a cocktail!

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