Transform Science Teaching and Learning In Your Program!

The Center for Aquatic Sciences offers professional development to help educators engage students in active life, earth, physical sciences or other STEM investigations.

We can design a wide range of customized events, multi-session workshops or summer academies tailored to your curriculum and grade-level needs, addressing:

  • Inquiry-based science learning
  • Specific content knowledge
  • Practical research-based classroom strategies
  • Literacy and math links, writing for science and other cross- curricular connections
  • Alignment with State and National Science Standards and the NGSS.


Whether what is needed is:
  • a refresher on specific content,
  • the chance to experience inquiry learning first-hand,
  • practical strategies for investigating with students,
  • stronger real-world interdisciplinary connections,
  • ideas for inexpensive easy-to-obtain materials,
  • or just an infusion of renewed confidence, excitement and enthusiasm for science teaching,
Center for Aquatic Sciences staff is ready to enhance your efforts and help you achieve your goals.


Introductory One-Session Offerings (PDF Download)

Content Series / Multiple Session Encounters (PDF Download)

Extended In-Depth Institutes (PDF Download)

For information or to design a program, contact Susan Holmes at or 856.361.1016