“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.” - Baba Dioum

Adventure Academy is a four part training program designed to teach you about aquatic life and ecology, with a special focus on fun facts about the animals found at Adventure Aquarium. Why don’t sharks eat the other fish in the tank? How does an octopus change its color so quickly? What makes an electric eel electric? Guests who come to the Aquarium have these questions and more, and Adventure Academy will help you answer them!

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium (CAS) and Adventure Aquarium are teaming up to help you achieve this goal. CAS is a conservation and education organization whose goal is to promote the understanding, appreciation, and protection of aquatic life and Habitats;

Adventure Aquarium wants their guests to have a fun and engaging experience and get the most out of the exhibits, while they are visiting.

Hopefully, afterwards, guests will become ambassadors for the environment by having a greater appreciation for the world’s ocean environment and the delicate beauty of its inhabitants.

Both goals are intertwined by having you, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, interpreting the exhibits, answering questions and engaging guests.

Each lesson focuses on a different Aquarium gallery. First, there is an overview of each display’s theme and message, then some Facts about marine science, and answers to some of the most common questions you and Aquarium guests my have. Highlighted animals in each exhibit have corresponding photos to help you identify them.

Take as long as you like to finish each lesson. At the end of each lesson is a 20 question multiple choice quiz to ensure that you understand the information. We will not quiz you on the number of gallons each tank holds nor the scientific name's of each animal. We ask you questions about topics that Aquarium guests may be interested in. All the information is useful, but pay special attention to the Fun Facts sections. After you submit the quiz, you will get an e-mail in a few days with your grade. You may be asked to take the quiz again if you did not do well the first time

Once you take the quiz, feel free to move on to the next chapter. The lessons are designed to go in sequence, but you do not need to wait for your quiz grade to move onto the next lesson.

We hope that the Adventure Academy will be a great resource for you. It is our goal that you will be more interested and knowledgeable about the Aquarium displays and the marine habitat's that they represent. Use the information that you have gained along with your innate enthusiasm to engage the Aquarium guests. Be the spark that ignites their passions for the environment. But most of all have fun! Fun is the best spark of all!

If you have any questions about the exhibits or animals that are not answered in the Adventure Academy, please send an e-mail to nchesson@aquaticsciences.org. Your comments, questions and ideas can only make the program better.

Lesson one will start you out in the Caribbean Currents gallery, also known as Adventure Zone "A".

Have fun thinking about the Bahamas

Chapter Two: The Ocean Realm, Seal Shores, Penguin Island & Touch Tanks (Adventure Zone “B”).
Chapter Three: Creature Lab (Adventure Zone “C”).
Chapter Four: West Africa River Experience, Verne Gallery & Shark Realm (Adventure Zone “D”).