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About Us

The mission of the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium is Education and Youth Development through promoting the understanding, appreciation, and protection of aquatic life and habitats. (Learn more)

In the News
The Center for Aquatic Sciences hosts many special events throughout the year. Click here for current and past press releases, articles and newsletters. (Learn more)

Environmental Stewardship Statement
The Center for Aquatic Sciences, in accordance with its mission to promote the protection of aquatic life and habitats, aims to serve as a leader and a resource in environmental stewardship and sustainability education. (Learn more)

Our staff members are absolutely vital to the success of our organization. This dedicated team works hard every day to fulfill the Center’s mission. (Learn more)

Our Board of Trustees is dedicated to helping us grow, succeed and promote the values of the Center for Aquatic Sciences. (Learn more)

The Center for Aquatic Sciences relies on the support of members and friends to carry out our mission to advance the understanding of and concern for aquatic animals and their habitats. We are always grateful for the continued support we receive from our donors. (Learn more)