Join the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium for Summer Sea Camp! Children will have the opportunity to discover marine animals, engage in STEM-based learning, and connect with other campers who share their love of all things aquatic. The Center offers a wide variety of classrooms lessons, geared to certain ages and grades. Click one of the Outreach Program Guide links to the right for the list of offerings and call today to schedule a lesson onsite. Are you passionate about marine animals and the environment? The Center is looking for dedicated volunteers looking to make a difference and become an integral part of our mission.
In this 90 minute program children will be able to touch live ocean creatures, do a craft, and meet other live animals during an animal presentation. Click for more information. See the Aquarium like never before! Our awesome overnight experience, Shark in the Dark, will let you explore the Aquarium and then sleep with the fishes (and other amazing aquatic animals). Get hands-on with one of our Marine Science programs designed for High School Students. Choose from a 3-hour snapshot of a marine biologist, or dive deeper with monthly programs.
CAUSE Media Team Create Special Video Transform Science Teaching and Learning In Your Program!

The CAUSE Media Team was formed to create videos, social media posts, and content that highlights the CAUSE program and their projects. In the summer of 2017, the Media Team created a special Public Service Announcement. The teamís first video highlights the importance of clean oceans and keeping marine debris out of our waters. Click here to watch the video, CAUSE: Marine Debris, starring the CAUSE Summer Science Campers.

Click here for for additional information The Center offers professional development to help educators engage students in active STEM learning. We offer single or multi-session workshops tailored to your curriculum and grade-level needs, addressing:
  • Inquiry-based science learning
  • Specific content knowledge
  • Practical classroom strategies
  • Literacy links, writing for science and other cross- curricular connections


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