See the Aquarium like never before! Our awesome overnight experience, Shark in the Dark, will let you explore the Aquarium and then sleep with the fishes (and other amazing aquatic animals). The Teen Marine Institute not only offers hands-on experiences, advanced marine science content and opportunities to discover biology related careers, but will set students apart from their peers when applying for college. The Center offers a wide variety of classrooms lessons, geared to certain ages and grades. Click one of the Outreach Program Guide links to the right for the list of offerings and call today to schedule a lesson onsite.
Students in grades 9 – 12 have an opportunity to meet up with Aquarium staff and get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a marine biologist. In this 90 minute program children will be able to touch live ocean creatures, do a craft, and meet other live animals during an animal presentation. Click for more information. Are you passionate about marine animals and the environment? The Center is looking for dedicated volunteers looking to make a difference and become an integral part of our mission.
Attention Librarians Connecting With Nature in Camden

Did you know that we create a new Outreach lesson every year to align with the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme? Summer 2020’s theme is “Imagine your Story,” which focuses on fairy tales, mythology and fantasy. Let us join your summer program with our “Real Sea Life or is it just Fanta-Sea?” program which will focus on mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns, and their real life counterparts manatees and narwhals. We may even create our own mythical creature to surprise you!

Camden City has miles of waterfront, hiking and biking trails, and dozens of parks. The Center has developed programming to encourage families to get outdoors and explore these natural areas right in their own neighborhoods. Through a specially designed WaterCycle bike, kayaking programs, and special events, the Center focuses on youth and families, their connections with the environment, and providing opportunities to learn and enjoy all of the benefits of the natural world. For more information about these programs, click here

To see a calendar of upcoming events and programming, click here.

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