Aquarium programs

Make the most of your adventure at Adventure Aquarium!

Planning a trip to Adventure Aquarium? Want to make sure everyone gets the most from their visit? The Center for Aquatic Sciences offers behind-the-scenes tours, field trip classes aligned with NJ Student Learning Standards for Science and Next Generation Science Standards, scavenger hunts, exhibit guides and more to help you make the most of your visit to Adventure Aquarium.

How can we help?

I’m bringing my students to Adventure Aquarium on a field trip, and want to make sure they get the most from their visit

I’m bringing my family to Adventure Aquarium and want to make sure we take our time and appreciate the experience.

  • Our resources page provides a number of activities that families can use to enhance their visit, as well as activities for older children to do on their own.

I know a child who loves the Aquarium.  What else can they do besides visit again?

My scout troop is working on a badge or project that is related to environmental stewardship, climate change, animals or water quality.  What do you offer for scouts?

  • We have lots of options for scout groups. Check out our Scout Programs page for workshops at Adventure Aquarium, or our Explore Outdoors page for outdoor adventures. Or contact us if you’d like to discuss special programs for your scout groups.

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