In and after school programs

The Center has a long history of working closely with schools and after-school programs to enhance experiences for students.

During and after-school


Students learn shark anatomy

In-Class Experiences

Center staff work closely with teachers to develop interactive science lessons that are in line with current curriculum and NJ science standards. Throughout the school year, Center professionals deliver those interactive lessons to students during their daily science classes. Addressing subjects such as physics and engineering, biology and life sciences, every lesson encourages students to discover nature with the hopes that they become responsible citizens and environmental stewards.

After-School Programs

The Center partners with many out-of-school time programs to provide fun and exciting afterschool experiences. Whether working with 21st Century Community Learning Centers or independent programs, the Center creates environmental programs that inspire students and have them looking forward to the next visit.

For information about bringing these experiences to your school or program, contact us here.

After-school students design a volcano