Annual Appeal

You Make It Possible!

We'd like to share with you some of the work that wouldn't be possible without your generous donation this year.

Each year the Center for Aquatic Science travels throughout the region and the country, sharing their expertise in science education with others. We also create partnerships with organizations including the Urban Water Partership, The Alliance for Watershed Education, NaturePlayShare!, and Camden's Charter Network, to provide and promote science education opportunities and environmental appreciation for countless children and families of the region. The CAUSE program continues to have success in developing students' academic and life skills, preparing them for high school graduation and beyond. Each year, the CAUSE youth explore new locations during their annual excursion.. We also continue to expand our outreach, in-classroom, and after-school programming for local and regional students. On the conservation front Dr. Vagelli's work with the Banggai Cardinalfish has helped it become listed as an IUCN threatened species.

We could not have accomplished any of this without you. Thank you for being an integral part of our family here at The Center. Because of you: a species can survive, a child has gained self-confidence in her science skills, and a community-member has grown their appreciation for local aquatic habitats. Please take a moment to make your donation to the annual appeal today so we can continue achieving successes like these, together.

We thank you for making The Center the positive force it is today, and the promise it is for tomorrow. .

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