Business/Educational Partners

Corporations and Foundations throughout the region partner with the Center to provide quality science education to underserved children.

Corporations and Foundations throughout the region partner with the Center to provide quality science education to underserved children.

If it were not for the generous donations of so many companies and foundations, these children would not have the same educational advantages as their peers in more affluent school districts. For a complete list of our current partners, please visit here.

Educational programs for which we are currently seeking funding are:

Access Outreach

Gifts to the Access Outreach program help us take our programs to needy schools and organizations free of charge. We will bring an exciting presentation and live animals to schools and organizations that qualify either for free or at a reduced rate. Your sponsorship brings exciting science programming to children who may not otherwise experience it.

CAUSE (Community and Urban Science Enrichment)

Our flagship educational program is called CAUSE (Community and Urban Science Enrichment). The program provides a high-impact, transformational experience for youth from Camden, New Jersey through science education, field and work experience, skill development and mentoring. The program includes academically challenging training in marine and other sciences; workshops on topics like communication, diversity, team building and college preparation; an excursion into the field to incorporate learned science concepts into real world experience and prepare for teaching summer camps; the opportunity for teens to teach younger students in after-school programs and summer camps; and the serious mentoring that teens from the troubled city of Camden and its surrounding area need.

Research and Conservation

Another exciting venture for us is our research and conservation efforts around the world. Right now our Director of Science and Conservation, Dr. Alejandro A. Vagelli, is working to save the Banggai cardinalfish, an effort that includes having secured threatened status through IUCN. We need the support of conservation-minded individuals to succeed in this vital effort.

Meet Us in the Wild Programs

The Coastal and Pineland Field Experience Programs teach children and adults in the Mid-Atlantic region the importance of conserving New Jersey's natural habitats through in-depth, half-day field experiences at sites within the New Jersey Pinelands and coastal wetlands. Immersing people in these habitats, and teaching them not only that they are important but why they are important, is crucial to encouraging them to take action to save them. The project includes incentives for participants to take follow-up actions on conservation issues.

Thank you for your support of these vital programs